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    View hero details: this screen allows you to see and modify the hero's details, such as installing weapons or raising his experience. The actions you can do on this screen are as follows. Weapon mounting - it can be equipped with the same type of weapon as the hero class. There are no additional conditions for this installation of weapons. If you choose a weapon, you can also strengthen it on the screen. Accessory mounting: there are two slots for accessory items. Slots are lifted according to the number of stars breaking through the hero limit. There are no conditions for mounting accessories other than slot remission. Raise experience: food items that can raise your experience are listed. After selecting food items, you can give the hero experience by specifying the number of items.

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    You can increase the level by accumulating experience and the highest level for each star is 30. Minimum conditions for breaking the limit are achieved when achieving the highest level. After breaking the limit, the level starts again from 1 and can be raised to 30. Breaks through limits: if you achieve hero level 30, you can break the limit. If you break through the limit with the necessary materials, you will get one hero star. After rising 1 hero star, the hero level goes back to 1. You can break he limit of 5 stars in total. Skills: Each hero has one active skill and one passive skill. You can raise the skill level up to 5 times. Skin - you can change the hero's skin. Skin is dropped through events or purchases using skin coupons at stores.

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    Supply: by distributing, you can grow your heroes by collecting the soul stones needed for gold and hero growth. Supplied items will be selected randomly among the items that i can currently produce. THe total supply request is only available for six heroes, and one hour after the supply process, another hero randomly requests the supply. Legendary heroes only request supply up to three time a day per hero (or you can use Survival girl gunslinger cheat codes). Decline advertising requests will count.

    Stage: as a story mode stage, you can organize up to 4 troops to play the game. Number 1 is automatically designated as a leader, and number 2, 3, and 4 are designated as unit members.
    - units that are controlled by the user directly.
    - the user can directly judge and play both movement and attack.
    - the user selects and plays the skill.
    A member of the unit:
    - NPC following the leader.
    - Movement basically follows the leader and when the leader starts attacking, the troops start attacking themselves.
    - The player directly manipulates the timing of the unit's skill activation.

    Friend request:
    - the leader hero of a friend registered as a friend can be registered in the squad.
    - works the same as a unit member.

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