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    This noise...is it Serpens calling upon the dead? I must make haste. Push the skill button to attack. To continuously use a skill, push and hold the button. You can equip skill runes into the rune cast. Linking a link rune to a skill rune produces an additional effect. You can link a skill rune with a link rune if the link rune matches the skill rune's slot color. Select a skill to see which link runes it can be linked to. Select an equipable link rune. Select a link rune to see which slots it can be equipped in on the rune cast. Select a slot to link the link rune.
    Drawing: this function allows you to pick heroes and items randomly. The probability of appearance of Epic and legendary is set at 10 times higher for the first hero selection, and for all other situations, random draw is carried out with the indicated probability.

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    The classification of heroes and the probability of drawing are as follows. 300 diamonds in a single draw. 10 times draw 2700 diamonds. In general circumstances, the above amount is set. THe amount may change depending on the event and other situations.
    Pick a hero: it is a special selection with a 2% chance of a hero a certain legend class. It's an event based lottery with a limited time limit. General draw - all heroes released will be draw with a general probability. It's a regular product, not a time limit.
    Free daily draw - this is a free draw that can be done twice a day. The list of items that appear every season can be charged.

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    Sickness of the unit: all heroes have the following diseases and characteristics.
    Assault: wear shot-dried weapons, shortest range. Stuns and pushes out enemies probably with a normal attack. Have the highest stamina of all bottles.
    Ranger: wear automatic rifle weapons. Medium range attack are possible. Attacks and stamina all staters are stable sick.
    Snipe: wear submachine dry weapons. It has a lot of bullets and a short relaod, but it has the lowest attack power among soldiers. Supplies are genrally deterred, which can interfere with enemy movement. The skills of the supply personnel are in the heel and buff line of supporting the rear.

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