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    Sir, troops in expedition will keep battling regardless whether you're online or not. AFK rewards can be earned this way. The deeper you go into expedition, the more abundant the rewards will be. Come and challenge the boss. The number of weapons is beyond our expectation. We need to replenish combatants. Please select a component and drag it to the protection center area. There are more powerful commanders waiting for your recruitment in the projection center. Free projection is available once every day. If yu recruit the same commanders that you've ever owned, you can convert them into shards for star upgrade. Charlotte is the commander for defense. SO it's suitable for her to stand in the front row to take the damage. Using one tap line up can quickly dispatch the commanders with the highest combat power. We have obtained the commander EXP and commander equipment that can be used to improve your combat power.

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    Improving the commander's level can strengthen the commander's ATK and HP. The equipment consists of 4 parts: arms, gloves, helmet and suit. Equipment has quality distinctions: white, green, blue, purple, orange, red. The higher the quality is, the stonger attribute it has.
    Commander: Iron paladin - endowed with the most powerful DEF, their primary role is to protect all the teammates by taking most of the enemy fire. Able to equip defensive equipment. Paladin - excels at both offense and defense, and also able to provide some support to allies. Able to equip defensive equipment. Devastator - born to destroy enemies, they wield weapons with heavy firepower. Able to equip assault equipment. Valkyrie - wields razor-sharp blades to slay individual targets efficiently. Able to equip assault equipment. Support- good at support and reconnaissance. Able to equip assault equipment.

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    We can smelt any redundant equipment to get ore and have the chance to get higher quality equipment. The ore can be used to craft equipment as expedition continues, players can craft higher quality equipment.
    Equipment smelting: the equipment that is unlocked and unequipped can be smelted. Smelting equipment can get raw steel crystals; smelting red equipment can get additional outland metal. When smelting equipment, you have a chance to advance the quality of equipment. Orange and red equipment cannot have their quality advanced.
    Equipment crafting:
    use crystals to craft equipment. Consume raw steel crystals to craft orange equipment. COnsume raw steel crystals and outland metal to craft red equipment. As expedition continue, players can craft higher quality equipment.

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