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    Status: view current properties, and check whether the damage is stolen by the profiteer. Automatic combat: combat is automatic. Someone claimed that tapping the screen quickly increases the attack speed, and he was arrested finally. Stop: click this button if you fail the game and you can have last look at the world. Backpack - items obtained take in here. Every time you pass the starting point, the loop will increase. Only you defeat the Boss, the labyrinth will end. Time acceleration: at twice the speed of combat, and this is the choice of saving time. Once a battle skill is acquired, it must be equipped to be effective.

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    Skills: hands of doom - ATK +40, obtain one layer hands of doom when attack without crit. Magic bullet rifle: quick charge, cast three pieces of magic missile to the target. When there is magic bullet charge, consume one layer buff with 30% chance. Spare magazine - spell promote by 15, magic bullet DMG promote by 15. Obtain two layers magic bullet charge when entering the battle.

    Scrolls can generate buildings on the map. Here you can check whether the plot can be placed on the building. The scroll of same buildings can be used to upgrade the building level.

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    Let me tell you the basic about alchemy. First get to know the material construction, eirment structure, proportion of ingredients, alchemical structure, alchemical phase, freshness, freshness, quality item, quality level, material source, activity, stealth activity.

    The camp - it provides a temporary resting place even indangerous contions.
    A team can have up to three members, and the captain will fight for the team. The attributes and abilities of the team members are given to the captain as soul links. Due to differences in soul structure, only the same race can team up.

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