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    Welcome to GOD. I'll show you around in this world. Click on the stage node to select the stage to challenge. Choose a celestial you want to level up. Tap the level up button to enhance your celestial. keep fighting to become more powerful. You just obtained a skill tome. Take a look at it. Choose a skill to level up. Select the skill tome that will be used to see which level the skill will reach. Tap level up to confirm the skill level upgrade. New features have been unlocked. Let's take a look at them. Star realm - challenge the stardust realm to get tons of heroes EXP. No cost for the characters in star realm. Deploy as many celestials as you want.

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    Dear Patriarch, thank you very much for participating in this test of cheat codes. We hope you can spare some time to fill in the survey and give us valuable suggestions for modification. Here some of my personal recommendation of heroes:
    Witch - good at using multiple elements, newbie hero but strong.
    Magic archer - enhance his arrow with magic, arrows are sometimes real fun to play.
    Undead mage - basically an evil summoner, most summon cards are from his deck. Priest - if you like the healing play style in other game, i would recommend you to play priest. His damage is relatively low but he is also hard to be killed.
    Magician - you can tell by the name, his deck is about tricks. He got lots of functional cards, which makes it once my favorite.

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    Once awakened, the sealed gods can destroy the universe.
    Dried weeds ae easily ignited by sparks.

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