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    Looks like the right moment came at the wrong time. Another looser being lost in the Rift once again. Feeling better already? Well at least your spirit is strong enough but... Yeah doesn't look like you are a fit for good warrior. I'll give you 10 soul shards, show it to the guard at the gates of the arena. They will let you in. Not that i think you'll win or anything but...I'm not gonna rush for judgment here. The way you are going to do in these fights will determine whether i'm gonna spend time on you or not.

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    The Cave - twilight finds its way thought in to this dark cave illuminating the battlefield. What's left of the houses of the ancients, The black lake and a pretty spacious battling grounds. That's about all you can find in this god forsaken place. Everyone who gets in to the rift finds themselves here to get in to their first fight. The road is made by walking, so get on with at win your first battle to get to the next stage. You have to predict your opponents moves and come up with a solid strategy. Predict, take a risk and win! Good luck!

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    Shard - soul shards are scaled in magic orbs. It's common for the Finders to bring these from Expeditions. The shards are rather fragile to be stored in large quantities. Yet with some knowledge, it is no longer an issue. Newcomers pay with them to enter nearby Arenas.
    Coins - coins are the main currency in the rift. They are forged out of an extremely scarce and unusual alloy. It is still a mystery where it comes from.

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