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    This is a multiplayer digital board game where players take turns rolling the dice to move their character, capture territory and attack their enemies. The goal of the game is to advance through a series of tiers (levels) faster than your opponents by earning stars and knocking out other players.
    Players start the game at their base; this is where the player can advance tiers and respawn when they are knocked out. Other players can not take control of this point. Additionally, standing in your own base territory restores 1 health per turn. At the start of every turn, each player will earn stars based on the number of points (territory) they control. The base points is worth 1 star, while all other points are worth their associated star value. The rate at which you earn stars doubles at tier II and trioles at tier III.

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    Every turn, each player may move one time within 4 tiles, card effects, tile types, and character abilities can modify this distance. Players can not move to or through water tiles or tiles with obstacles (such as barricades, trees, rocks, or buildings). Some obstacles are passable but reduce the distance you can travel (such as bushes). Players can move an additional time by opting to rush instead of attack. In this case, a dice roll (from 1 to 6) determines the distance a player can move. Card effects and character abilities also affect this distance.

    Capturing points: initially, points will have no owner and can be taken by simply ending your turn within the point's territory is the radius of tiles surrounding a point determined by its star value. If a point already has another owner (and the owner isn't standing in the point territory) then ending your turn within the territory will reset the point's owner to no one, allowing you to capture it next turn. Points can be immediately captured by ending your turn on the point's center tile or using the annex card.

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    Cards: after each player has taken their first turn, players will draw a random card if they start turn in their own territory and are carrying less than the maximum number of cards (typically 3). During their turn, players may play or discard as many cards as they want. However, some cards cost stars to play and may require a certain a tier to use.

    Tiers and victory: initially players start the game at tier 0 and must advance to the next tier by collecting stars as shown in the top center of the game UI. Players can advance tiers by returning to their base territory once they meet the conditions for the next tier. Upon advancing tiers, the player can select the conditions for the next tier:
    - collect a certain amount of stars;
    - use Raifu Wars cheat codes
    - knock out other players a certain number of times.
    You can only advance your tier once per turn. Once a player reaches tier III, they can win the game by advancing their tier one final time.

    every turn, each player is allowed to either attack or reload. Players can attack when: another player is within 18 tiles (this is the default range); the probability of hitting the target player os greater than 0%; sufficient ammunition is loaded.
    The probability of hitting another player is determined by the distance between the two players, and the number of obstacles (such as trees and barricades) in the bullet path. Obstacles adjacent to the attacker do not cause any penalty, while obstacles adjacent to the target provide them double the amount of cover.

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