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    What kind of game is Myth Saga?
    Myth Saga is an RPG that focuses on Hero development and AFK gameplay. You play as a survivor of Ragnarok with a shard of Eternal Fire in hand. Embark on a journey in search of the truth behind the chaos in the world, and adventure through multiple mythical realms. Resources for upgrades are very limited at the start of the game.
    How can I obtain more?
    There are many ways to obtain upgrade resources, including buying from the Item Store, clearing the Chaos Abyss, challenging Main Story stages, collecting AFK rewards, and completing daily tasks.
    How can I get AFK rewards?
    Gains from AFK rewards will automatically be placed in your Reward Chest. Tap on the Chest in the Battle interface to collect your rewards. You can also tap on Quick AFK in the same interface to obtain a large number of rewards.
    Note: There's a limit on the amount of resources the Reward Chest can hold. When this limit is reached, it won't be able to hold any more resources. Remember to collect your rewards in time!

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    How do I summon Heroes?
    You can spend Gems, Spin tickets, and Friendship Points to summon Heroes in the Pantheon, or select Heroes in the Divination pool to obtain Heroes. You can also obtain Heroes by consuming Hero Shards, Hero Crystals, and other such items. Last but not least, you can obtain Heroes by purchasing Packs, or by participating in or completing official events.

    There are many Heroes in the game. Which should I choose to train during the early stages of the game?
    In early stages and mid-game, the strength of the Hero is largely influenced by their rank. We recommend training Mythic Heroes first. If you draw the Heroes you wish to upgrade later on, you can use the Hero reset function to get back resources to upgrade your new Heroes. Each Hero also has their own traits and characteristics, and their strength will also depend on your battle formation. You are welcome to discuss strategy with other players through the in-game chat or on the official Discord server.

    How can I strengthen my Heroes?
    Level up your Heroes and perform upgrades to improve their attributes and unlock more skills. Equip stronger equipment, enhance Artifacts, Awaken Skills, and activate Incarnation Technologies to strengthen your Heroes greatly.

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    What should I do if the Boss of a main chapter is too difficult to defeat and I'm unable to progress? If you're unable to defeat the Boss in a Main Story stage, you can go to the Wilderness to play other modes or collect your Reward Chest to obtain more resources. Use these resources to upgrade and strengthen your Heroes. Additionally, there are gift packs in the Mall that can help quickly improve the strength of your team.

    What is the highest Hero rank in the game? The current ranks in the game, ranging from lowest to highest, are: Common, Rare, Rare+, Elite, Elite+, Epic, Epic+, Legendary, Legendary+, Mythic, and Mythic+. You can check a Hero's rank by tapping [Hero] and [Icon].

    Can in-game Gems and items be traded? We do not support the trading of in-game currency or items. If you need to get more Gems and other resources, please play the various game modes found in the game or take advantage of functions such as the Reward Chest. Alternatively, you can buy gift packs to get more Gems and resources.

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