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    Sorry for being late, my lord! Now, give the order to clear the intruders from the castle. Clear out the barricade to proceed. When the Aether bar is full, the hero will unleash their ultimate skill, which may turn the tide. Mage thunderstorms cover the whole battlefield. Change mages position to strike more enemies. Tap crystal to open the upgrade screen. Use crystal shards to level up the crystal. Idling rewards increase as the crystal upgrades. Repair the treasure vault to collect the crystal's idling rewards. Treasure vault - a room for collecting idling rewards that crystal coagulates regularly.

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    While we have weathered the immediate crisis, we must collect scattered crystal shards to repair the castle and be a bulwark against the darkness. Tap the village to help Elven village defend against the undead. Activate quick battle mode for even more exciting battles. Enabling auto progress will allow lords to advance to the next stage as soon as the current one is completed, until a challenge is failed. A new area is unlocked! Let is recruit more heroes. Recruit even stronger heroes and face the many dangers that lie ahead. Let's go back to the castle and build the recruitment platform. Summon new heroes to our cause at the recruitment platform. New heroes can be recruited by using passwords, hero recruit tokens or diamonds.

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    Hero EXP - item used for improving heroes' levels, mainly comes from idling.
    Diamond - a rare high value currency mined from Geroda Volcana. It has a transparent color.
    Hero recruit token - the recruit token issued by the Aero island lord. Use it to recruit heroes once in the common card pool.

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    Ruin treasure hunt: the rules are simple: use cheat codes, roll the dice to proceed through the corresponding squares and win the rewards within the rooms. Each dice consumed will accure some points. You can exhchange the antiques you collected for advanced items from the shop during the event.

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