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    Welcome to the Awaken fire. We will let you know how to fight and grow through a single guide. Slide the screen to move the viewing angle. The current obstacle can be crossed by the jump key. CLick the jump button continuously to use two stage jump. In order to fight the enemy, we need to prepare weapons and bullets. Weapons and bullets can be found near buildings and treasure chests. Click to pick them up and automatically equip them. The acquired firearms can be moved to the character through the crosshairs and fired by clicking the fire button. Go to settings > shooting mode > one click shooting. Select one button to open the mirror and fire. Press and hold the fire button to fire.

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    Every hero has a passive skill. Know your passive skills and make the most of them. Example: every time you lose 20% HP, you will increase the gun damage by 13%. Use the active skill: transform and kill the enemy. After the enemy dies, he will drop the meteorite box and pick up the items in the meteorite box to supply himself. CLick the box button to pick up items. Armor provides additional HP and can be restored through armor bags. Awakening skills can greatly improve combat ability. Get a powerful skill for every 25% energy you have. Survival time, kills, damage, and picking up awakening stones can all accelerate energy gained in battle. Search for the awakening stone near the building. It will be used automatically after being picked up.

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