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    You can move the Angel by dragging the joystick in the lower left corner of the screen. Next, the dash movement. Dash is a function to avoid enemy attacks or move quickly. An enemy attack is expected. Press the dash button to avoid it. If you dash during a battle, there will be no problem with the surprise attack. Next, the jump movement. Jump is a function to avoid enemy attacks like dash. Something is flying in. It's an enemy attack. Press the jump button to avoid it. Jump is used not only to avoid an enemy attack, but also to hit the high target. Shall we move to the upper floor? For first, let's find out a floor gate. Keep touching the joystick upward to look at the upper floor. Looking at the surrounding situation is important in the battle. If you stand on the gate, the Shift button will be displayed.

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    Battle: most of the angel's attack are combo attack. You can do higher damage with combo attack. You can do combo attack by pressing and hitting the attack button. You just destroyed a bot. Didn't a coin fall off after an enemy bot get destroyed? A coin is called as DP (Damage point). It will be gained automatically. You can gain DP destroying Parablum bots, enemy minions, and enemy Angels. It's useful to activate and upgrade your skills. You can see how many DPs are gained at the top right. Activating and upgrading your skills to lead a battle to an advantage.
    For the next, i will guide the hacking devices. Hacking device is the strong defensive tower that protect from an enemy attack. It will be harsh to fight alone, right? Don't worry about it. I just summoned a friendly minion. If you make a minions go ahead, you can avoid attack from the hacking device. Destroy the hacking device by moving to the right with the minions at the fore and using the skills activated by DP appropriately. You just destroyed the hacking device. Buffs and items are dropped in certain probability after eleminating particular enemy. You need to move the Angel to get the dropped item.

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