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    Welcome to the once biggest mining colony on the planet, Drevine island. Your first task will be to find the engineer. Location marked. We're going to need some parts to clear the entrance. I've seen some junk nearby that might help. What's with these workers? We need to find out what is happening, look for a computer panel so we can find some answers. First, install drills. The drills will mine ore for us which we can use for all sorts of things. And as an added bonus, the drills come with auto defense turrets. Although they could do with a bit of an upgrade, open the next crate that pops out. You can upgrade any two of the same drill. Get another drill turret built and come back to me.

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    Good work! While you've been building turrets. I've found something in the control panel. Come take a look. Increase power - attempting to increase base power will attract an enemy wave. Turrets are invulnerable but buildings may fall. It looks like the facility increases in power each time you activate it. Eventually we should be able to get the base back to full power. We pay you to get our miners up and running again, not complain. And be aware, we predict withe every increase in base power level the next attacking wave will be larger and more aggressive. If we're stuck here for a while, we're going to need more resources to survive. Clear rubble, we can build an ore refiner which will make us some passive income. We can upgrade these buildings too. Let's upgrade the refinery while we're here. Good, you're set up with a base. Now we'll need you to complete various missions for us.

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