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    Enter the gate, and proceed to the next stage. The tutorial will now begin. Slide to move. Stop to attack. Tap the portraits to switch characters. The blue gauge is the special gauge it fills as you defeat enemies. When the special gauge is full, double tap to use your special.

    Klim and the others will explore dungeons on their own, even when you aren't playing. The amount of rewards they bring back will increase as more time passes. Rewards will increase up to a maximum of 72 hours. Rewards of greater quality will also appear more frequently the further you progress through the world dungeons.

    Power rank is determined by the highest total power reached on the party creation screen. Once your rank has been determined, it will not drop, even if changes to your party or equipment lower your total power.

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    The market is where you can spend diamonds or gold to buy various goods. The selection changes each day.
    Mines: dispatch characters and they will return with different items after time passes. The items and quantity found will vary depending on the dispatch destination and duration, as well as mining power. You can view ads to do a quick return on dispatches. This allows you to immediately receive the same rewards for completing a dispatch as normal. Ads can be viewed up to 3 times per day. Mining power increases based on the total level of the dispatched characters.
    Forge trials are where you earn weapon upgrade hammers and ore for upgrading armor. The more difficult the trial, the higher the quality and quantity of the rewards.

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    You can earn season points by completing missions and exploring world dungeons. Season points are reset each season. Season rewards: there are standard rewards available to everyone and premium rewards available only to those who have purchased a premium pass.
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