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    My world is gone. My family as well...But i don't want it to end yet...I don't want to leave that child all alone. So i have to...I can hear the sound of bubbles. And the sound of trees rustling and also...a child voice? As i open my eyes, i find that i am entangled in ivy. Where am i? Flick to move the protagonist. Check the menu for more options. Looking at the water's surface, i see different creatures. I remember now, i made a wish. Even if my entire being changes, i wished for the power to protect that child. Enemies appear on empty squares. Flick the hero around to move and attack. The icons on the bottom right shows your equipped parts. You can change them by tapping on them. Experience is gained through battles. Parts with grow stronger when the bar becomes full.

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    Auto skill button is on, and the active skills are being used automatically. You can turn it off by tabbing the button.
    Skill mastery increases as you upgrade active and passive skills with materials. Total DMG of all active skills increases as skill mastery increases. Weapon mastery increases with each enemy defeated. Reaching a certain mastery will unlock new abilities.
    Summoning weapons increases your summon level. With higher summon levels, you can earn addition equipment rewards. Also, it increases your chance of getting better equipment and boosts.
    Parts can be evolved when the experience bar is full. The appearance of the part changes and its stats will increase.

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    The body parts have skills for attack or support. Use skills by tapping on the screen during a battle.
    Town: there are shops, inns, and bars in towns. You can receive a reward at the bar for completed quests.
    Collecting the family's history and memory gives hearts. A number of hearts is needed to unlock each barrier. Food increases its respective stat passively.
    Tap the menu icon to access your items, map, settings, and the manual.
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