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    Dispatch missions - dispatch your heroes to complete the missions and obtain great rewards. Story missions - investigate the dark mysteries of castle and obtain great rewards. Random missions - complete the missions to progress in the map exploration.
    Summon ticket - use this item to summon heroes at the summon gate. Engraved with the sacred Sun's mystic runes, this golden card can be used to call upon the mother of incarnation and materialize the souls of the summoned heroes.
    Sealed item dust - use this material to refoge a sealed item. Sealed item dust can be obtained by dismantling sealed items.
    Sacred essence - use this item to level up an artifact. This sacred energy polymer shines like the Sun.

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    Titanite fragment - use this material to enhance gear. Titanite is said to be a gift from the ancient gods, hence it was named after them.
    Ascension stone - use this stone to ascend gear of any tier. Ascend gear to improve their basic and enhanced attributes. The shattered stars shine with their desire to be reunited with the true Sun.
    Reset stone - use to reset a fear's enhancement level. Reset a gear to reset its attributes and enhancement level back to zero. At time, returning to one's beginnings can bring hope for a brighter future.
    Dungeon sandglass - use this item to rush a dungeon. Endowed with the deceiving abilities of the master of Opportunity, this sandglass allows one to automatically finish a dungeon without deploying a team of heroes.

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    Reset a hero's level to retrieve some of the resources that were used to level up that hero. This action will also remove the gear worn by the hero.
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