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    - each talent panel consumes a corresponding skill learning stone, which helps the hero to learn the corresponding skills.
    - a skill learning stone can be purchased for rune essence in the skill shop.
    - learned skills can be upgraded by spending the appropriate skill learning stone
    - oblivion help to re-learn the skill
    - for using oblivion on a skill, depending on the skill level, you can get back the corresponding amount of rune essence.
    - if the learned talent skill matches the rune skill, then the higher level skill becomes active.

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    By fulfilling certain requirements, you can activate the corresponding badge of fame. Rewards are given for activating badges. All badges of fame available in the game and information about how to obtain them can be viewed by clicking on the badges button on the personal wall of fame. Activated badges are displayed on a personal wall of fame and are visible to all players. You can select up to 3 badges for individual display. Selected badges are highlighted on the wall of fame, and displayed in the info panel and chat for more players to see.

    Relics: can be activated by completing certain quests. By activating each relic, you can get a bonus to stats. Activation of stats gives a bonus to all heroes. By increasing the level of a relic skill with relic skill stones, the effect of the skills can be greatly enhanced. By increasing the level of relic purification with relic purification stones, you can significantly increase the damage of skills.

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    Each relic has 1 active skill. After using the relic, you can enter the battle, during which, at certain intervals, the active skill is used. Only one relic can be used before each battle. Only after activating all relics, amplifications are available. By increasing the level of enhancement with the help of the relic stone, you can significantly increase the stat bonus from the enhancement. Upon reaching a certain level of boost you can activate the level bonus. The level bonus grants boosted stats a percent age increase.
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