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    The enemy is coming, dispatch your heroes to fight.
    Tips of fast rewards:
    1. You will gain several golds and experience per minute from the chest.
    2. You will gain various random rewards from the chest.
    3. The higher campaign stage you've cleared, the more yield of gold and EXP per minute you can gain. And the quality of random rewards increases.

    Use gold to level up heroes, enhance the gears and purchase goods in the store. You can acquire gold from idle rewards, campaign stage, quests rewards, astral adventure, tower of skyline, bounty quests, dreamland treasure and so on.

    EXP - crucial for your heroes' develop,ent. Use it at the hero menu to level up your heroes. You can acquire EXP from idle rewards, campaign stage, quests rewards, astral adventure and so on.

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    Feather - acquire feathers via idle rewards, daily quest, retiring heroes or theatre store. Feather is used to strengthen your heroes. Even when you leave, heroes will also automatically fight and gain EXP and gold. Let's use these resources to level up. You can hold down the level up button to continuously level up. Samurais is stronger than before. Upgrading and equiping is as simple as that. Keep completing stages and acquire more and more resources. Spend hero summon egg or gems to summon powerful hero.
    consumption material hero cards cna ascend the main hero to a higher tier and gain powerful attribute bonuses. Before ascending to tier V, you can get 40% HP increase, 20% attack increase and 3% speed increase every time you ascend. After ascending to tier V, every time a star rises, the blood volume, attack, and speed are each increased by 1%. Different quality stages require different evolutionary materials. When a hero with qualified materials is available, a red dot will appear on the main hero's profile picture, please confirm it.

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    Merge duck 2 hack menu & cheat code tips

    Store: refresh - the refresh will reset the purchase status of all goods. Goods that have been sold out can also be repurchased. Refreshing the store does not change the content of the goods. It costs 1000 gems to refresh the store each time. The refresh time of the retire store is 30 days, or you can choose to manually spend 1000 gems or use cheat codes to refresh.
    Reset hero: resting a hero will return all resource used to level the hero up and return the hero to its original state. Suggestion: retire low tier heroes and upgrade high tier heroes.
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