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    Auto return - when troops in the world have finished solo battles, rally battles, and occupying land, they'll automatically go back to your castle.
    Upgrade skills: breaking down duplicate skill medals grants skill points which can be used to upgrade hero skills and increase their military power. When a hero reaches level 5, a second skill slot will be unlocked. A third skill slot will be unlocked when the first skill reaches maximum level and a level 2 talent is activated.
    Skill reset: from the hero skill details page, you can use reset skills to refund spent skill points. Focus on spending points to upgrade the hero's fixed skill to level 10 to unlock a second learnable skill slot. 100% of skill points used are refunded in the new player stage. Outside the new player stage, 80% of skill points are refunded.

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    Hero reset cheat code - on the hero screen, you can also choose to reset the hero completely. This will return all spent skill pints and medals, as well as remove all learned skills. The hero's level will be retained.
    Level 5 and below resource points:
    1. Scout the resource point to obtain information about the number and types of its garrison troops.
    2. Select a troop restrain against the garrisoned troops and another troop, then march them next to the resource point. Use the secondary troop to absorb the first attack. Then, after entering battle, tap on the garrison's avatar and commence focus attack.

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