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    Stroll around town: slide your finger on the left side of the screen to control Rimuru. Swipe the right side of the screen to move the camera.
    Speak with people" of a speech balloon button appears over a townsperson when you approach, tap it to speak with them. Stroll around town and speak with different people.
    Attack enemies with souls: there are 3 types of souls that you can use against enemies in battle. Choose cards of the same type or character and attack the enemy. You can select a character to attack from the cards in your hand. You can also select multiple cards with the same character or type, or use Slime isekai memories cheat codes. When you use the soul of skills, it will give you skill points, allowing characters to use their skills. Since all cards in your hand are the soul of skills, you can select all six. The skill button in the bottom left displays the amount of skill points added to this attack.

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    Select multiple cards to use a combo. More cards means more damage. unleash even more powerful attacks with a combo of four or more cards. Use the souls of secrets and cheat codes to fill the secret skill gauge displayed under each character's HP. When this gauge fills up, you can unleash a secret skill. It is recommended that you utilize the skill you just acquired to increase your soul of secrets. Choose a skill that turns soul of skills into soul of secrets. The soul of secrets can be used to unleash a six card combo. Each character's secret skill gauge displayed how much the gauge will be increased with the current attack.
    As you have filled your secret skill gauge, soul of combos activation is now available. Selecting this will use up the gauge and activate the soul of combos, doing massive damage to the enemy. You can use any card combination when activating a soul of combos. We recommend selecting more cards before unleashing your attack.

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    Slime isekai memories hack menu & cheat code tips

    Great sage: this party has been blessed with Veldora tempest's protection. Veldora's divine protection skill will increase the party attack strength. Using the soul of divine protection will fill the protection gauge, allowing you to use specific skills. The soul of divine protection can be used to unleash a three card combo. Each character's protection gauge displays how much the gauge will be increased with the current attack. The soul of divine protection can be used to unleash a three card combo. Each character's protection gauge displays how much the gauge will be increased with the current attack.
    The previous turn has filled up your gauge, and now you can use a protection skill. Divine protection has converted soul of skills to soul of secrets and increased the strength of this skill. From now on, you will be able to use it in battle freely.
    Use Slime isekai memories cheat code and hold your finger down on an enemy or ally to display detailed information. It is recommended that you engage in battle based on an understanding of your enemy's information.
    Use combos - a combos is executed by selecting multiple souls and unleashing an attack. THe higher the combo, the more damage each hit does, and the more each hit fills your gauge. A four card combo or higher will increase damage. A card combo of five or more will allow your characters to attack all at once.
    Fill the gauge with souls cheat codes:
    Activating each type of soul increases a different gauge. Fill up the secret skill gauge until the soul of combos appears. Use the gauge to unleash your soul of combos. You can make combos with every type of soul and do massive damage to the enemy, so don't hesitate to use them.
    Build your nation and increase function: use the build nation password to develop the goblin village into a town and then a nation. As the town becomes more advanced, you'll earn magic crystals and other useful rewards, such as training quests and larger party limits. As you recruit new companions, you'll also need to develop the town. Building houses will allow the population of the town to grow. In addition, increasing the population will also unlock new features, so build and level up houses whenever you can. Building a training ground will allow you to acquire magicules. These are used to power up your characters.
    Use Slime isekai memories cheat coes - increase your population, grow your town. Construct houses and increase your population. Once your population reaches a certain level, you can level up your Mayor's house to 2. By raising your Mayor's house to level 2, you can increase the size of your town, the amount of items you can collect, your max population, as well as all sorts of other benefits.
    Magicule - HXcLMXrh7A
    lumber - A9ux4E2X7o
    healing potion - aVJ5PTVSPR
    Great sage has gained experience and can now use thought acceleration and all of creation. These skills will allow you to change the battle speed and use the auto function. Completing missions will unlock even more new function. Select information to ask the great sage a question, and you will get an appropriate answer. You can get helpful info about recommended quests, enhanceable characters, constructable facilities and more.
    In addition to completing quests, you can also level up characters from their details screen by using magicules. Hold down to level up by consuming magicules. You can earn more magicules in various ways, such as by completing quests. Characters' parameters will improve as their level increases. Collect more magicules to make your allies even stronger.
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