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    Hey...Where did i go wrong? I thought i was ready for this to happen, but...Hey, please...I beg you, save me!
    The "curses" of God destroyed every corner of our world in just one night. THe land was desecrated, humans powerless to do anything. But, as we were determined to cling to our lives, the Church's Witch hunt stole all our dreams away. We have to take them back. People's hearts are shattered to pieces, but what can make them whole agains is...the power of the Staff. One girl stands against the Church. One girl spreads hope to others. One girl continues believing in people. Each one is but a small ray of light. But when those small lights unite as one, they become a radiance that transcends the world. Our strong, evanescent shine has now begun illuminating the entire world. Like a brief the dark.

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    The cursed land is turning back to normal. So this is the power of the Staff's successor - your power. You probably still don't believe a word i'm saying but you have the power to save this cursed world. I'll take down all the enemies who attack us. So, in the meantime, please take care of the battle preparations. The CHurch's knights are no pushovers. Make sure you're properly prepared. Monica's a handmaiden who's a bit timid, but you can rely on her to heal your party. I may still just be an inexperienced apprentice, but i will do my best to live up to your expectations. Iris is not only your attendant, but also your personal guard. If you add her to your party, she'll overpower the enemy with her incredible strength. Rosalie said she's just a small, weak maiden, but she's actually an amazing witch who many call the Great Sorceress.

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    We needn't hurry. Haste makes waste. You're become used to wielding the power of the staff, so now you should be able to help us level up. As you envision the one you wish to level up, reach out and touch them. The enemies are bound to get stronger from this point on. But with your power, no one will stand a chance against us.

    I seems you not only have the power to dispel the Curse, but also the power to rebuild an area affected by it. Now, touch the town with your hand. Next, envision how the town would look once you're restored it. Up ahead may be another town that you can heal with your power. When the time comes, please do everything you can to help. As we save more people, and our population grows, so will our rewards. If we push forward, we'll also see more rewards from enemies. So, let's keep going. Let's use these rewards and level up immediately.

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