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    The continent's former glory is long past. The becoming had brought with it calamity. Evil awakened from their underground den. Wherever they went misery and suffering followed. Our homeland is facing an unprecedented crisis...
    This is our city. We can go back to the frontlines anytime through the border lair. Our top priority is to reinforce the stronghold in case of an enemy raid. Sacred fire is a divine object. Lighting it brings warmth and blessing to our people. May the sacred fire help our horder defeat its enemies. More enemies are approaching the border. We need to grow our horder fast. We'll survive as long as we develop the horde according to the oracles. Each time sacred fire is it, it gants boosts that last 8 hours. You completed the quests in the oracles. Collect your rewards now.

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    Our troops are growing. Food from the horde isn;t enough anymore. With the CHief's approval, we can use the crystals to build an outpost portal that links us to Brutal land. This land is rich and fertile, ideal for hunting. Smart warriors would stay to gather resources after a hunt.
    But we were suddenly attacked by the Mad Horde. Our ragehorn tried to protect us. But it got captured, and we suffered a defeat. We promised revenge, we got stronger and built an army. They raided our outpost and captured our Ragehorn. We need to build a healing spring now so we can heal the injured. Then we can build up strength to fight the mad horde. We need to level up our stronghold and train more troops. We'll need more than warriors if we want to get revenge. What we need is more wolfriders.

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    Having necessary resources like Meat and wood takes us one step closer to a counterattack on the Mad horde. There are only two ways to improve strength fast. Conduct research in the temple of wisdom to quickly boost training speed. Use talent points to acquire troop related talent skills.

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