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    !H sword - a well balanced melee type hero. Battles on the front lines using a sword and a shield. Whip - a mid ranged combat type with various support skills. Uses support skills to maximize the party's abilities. Staff - a ranged fighter that uses the power of various elements. They can join the battle in any situation with spells of different types. Bow - a long ranged combat type that fights from a distance. They can instill fear in their enemies from outside their attack range.

    To move the character, tap and drag the D-pad on the lower left. Tap the quest menu in the upper right to activate auto progress quests. You've acquired new equipment. You'll have to learn how to equip it. Start by opening your inventory. You can equip items by double tapping on the corresponding icon. An 'e' is displayed on the icon of items that are equipped. You can tap and hold the item icon to view its detailed information. Now you have to face enemies. I'll teach you the basics of combat.

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    Take the attack button to engage the nearest enemy. If you wish to stop attacking, tap the button one more time. Activating the auto button will order you to attack the nearest enemy automatically. Same thing. Tap it once more if you want to deactivate it. You've acquired an auto HP potion. They're very helpful in combat. You can tell that auto HP potions are automatically added to this slot. It's activate right now. When your HP goes below a certain amount it will be consumed automatically. You can also set when HP potions are used. Make sure to set it to your preferences. If you want to disable ot, tap the slot to deactivate it.

    You've got something precious. It's a book that enables you to learn skills that can help in combat. You have to use the book to lean the skill. Open your inventory and you'll see the skillbook. Double tap on the book and the skill will be added to your skill screen. Now it's ready to use. Skills menu - here you can see the skills you've learned. You can double tap to use it, but that would be very inefficient. Bottom slots are called quick slots. They enable you to easily use skills or items that you own. Tap a learned skill in the skill window or an item in your bag and then touch an empty slot to add it to that slot. Touch the slot to use the skill or item that you added to it. You can also slide the slot downwards to have the skill automatically cast after its cooldown.

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