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    Each card adds power. Highest power wins. Most cards have special abilities. Star lord has a special ability. On reveal: if your opponent played a card here this turn, +3 power. Tap a location to see what it does. Play games to visually upgrade your cards. Upgrading cards unlocks new cards. You sart with 1 energy, +1 per turn. Use boosters to upgrade a card. keep upgrading characters to unlock new cards. Collection level: upgrade your units and earn variant art cards to increase your collection level. Increase your collection level to earn amazing rewards and new cards. Auto upgrading cards: every 8 hours, three cards will be chosen at random from your collection. You'll have the opportunity to upgrade these cards by purchasing all remaining boosters needed with just credits. Earning more boosters for these cards will lower the price to u[grade at a rate of 1 green = 5 blue.

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    Use gold to purchase various items throughout the game. Use credits to upgrade more cards. Purchasable a limit number of times per day.
    iykIP5E8jR - unlock the Punisher. Ongoing: +1 power for each opposing card at this location.
    aIP4JSQZkI - Medusa. On reveal: if this is at the middle location, +2 power.
    9zBha7W1v5 - Quicksilver: starts in your opening hand.
    B7TzcaGc6L - Colossus: Can't be destroyed, moved, or have its power reduced.
    Dx4TWaP2pu - Wolfsbane: +2 power for each other card you have here.
    TpcIuYZH87 - Hawkeye: if you play a hero here next turn, +2 power.
    DWhakrI6NP - Iron Man: your total power is doubled at this location.
    krLIJ0pcYx - Kazar: your 1 cost units have +1 power.
    z80mRLmwYd - Mister fantastics: adjacent location have +2 power.

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