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    Hi, Commander, you're here! This is the military academy assigned to you, where you will make your mark and develop your military force. Running a barracks requires a lot of money and facilities to support it. I've set you a series of development tasks, come with me and let me show you what you should be doing. Let's start by clicking on the currently task. When clicked we will automatically target the facility that the task specifies to upgrade or build. See, task has completed and we can just collect our reward below.

    If you want to develop a good college, completing tasks is the fastest. By the way, you can choose to double your earnings, which will allow you to grow faster. Every time an ad is viewed, 15 minutes of double earnings time will be added, and upon 3 viewings additional gems will be awarded.

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    There area lot of foreign customers in the college every day. We can get a lot of money or gems from these customers. Customer map: these are all kinds of local rich customers, they will bring you a variety of profits, let you earn a pot full. Here we can check the unlocking conditions of unlocked customers and ununlocked customers. When the conditions are met, we will automatically unlock the corresponding customers, and different customers will bring different benefits. If you want to develop the academy faster, please go ahead and unlock it.

    What? Not enough funds? Well, you could look at these student commissions and get a lot of money every time. Express room is an important part of the revenue of the barracks. You have finally discovered a random monetary reward inside the academy. To the school gate can visit the grand square and get money. Or check the stadium, wait for the game on the sidelines, and get money. Actively explore the campus will find more interesting content.

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    By the way, it's already class time and we still have no teacher. Let's go to the teaching building and hire a teacher. A classroom with teachers can help students learn knowledge faster and accelerate graduation efficiency. All scholl employees need to pay each hour. Make sure you have enough money to pay everyone to avoid financial loss. If you're not have enough money, it could because you have hired too many people should fire some or call for support.
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