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    New server is available now. Enjoy your new adventure! We have also prepared a welcome gift of 30 heroic scrolls for all brave adventurers. Don;t forget to clain them in social - mail.

    Road to growth records your progress in tap legends. As your player level goes higher, you can unlock premium rewards. the rewards will be even better if you unlock the road to ascension.

    Halloween adventure: it's now the time to explore the spooky night of the unknown! Event content: during the event , you can complete dailies and purchase event pack to get the event items us3d to participate in the the event. Moreover, you cna get extra rewards for reaching certain floors.

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    Time limited bounties: complete special quests and collect dices! Event content: during the event, the bounty board offers a special quest every day. Normal dices will drop after you complete it. Moreover, the basic rewards for completing 3-5 star quests have a 20% bonus!

    Star fall: ancient artifacts turn into stars and fall on Evloyia! Grab the chance to get the powerful artifacts in hand. Event content: during the event, the chance to get new artifact in antique vestige up! You can also complete the summon progress in antique vestige to get bountiful rewards.

    In the 154th year of Astral calendar, the Glory city has been besieged by the Eclipser army. At the moment of crisis, you are entrusted to support the city at once. Drag heroes to the chessboard. We are gonna fight. Heroes will attack the closest enemy unit. A reasonable formation is the key to victory.

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    Tap legends hack menu & cheat code tips

    Gold - is one of the currencies in the continent. Can be used to upgrade heroes, enhance equipment, and so on.
    Diamonds - is the most valuable currency in the continent. Used to summon heroes in tavern, or purchase items in market.

    When a hero gets full energy, the active skill will be released. Each hero's active skill is unique and quite powerful. Each hero belongs to one of the four factions, and factions have their own advantages and disadvantages. It will be easier to win the battle if you have a factional advantage over the enemies.

    Assassins will jump to the back of the farthest enemy shortly after the battle begins, which makes it an efficient threat to backrow heroes.We have looted a lot of resources from enemies. Now let me show you how to use them to enhance our heroes. Heroes menu: here you can heroes' attributes and skill effects of heroes. Knowing your heroes better is essential to winning battles. Use Tap legends cheat codes, tap upgrade and you can increase heroes' attributes. It's the most efficient way to enhance your heroes.

    1. You may consume diamonds, scrolls, cheat, coes or friendship point to summon heroes or hero shards in tavern.
    2. Heroes who are limited to miracle summon will not appear in heroic summon.
    3. Epic and legendary heroes are guaranteed after reaching required summons in heroic summon and miracle summon respectively. Once epic hero/legendary hero drops, the corresponding counter resets.
    4. If a non-limited hero drops from miracle summon, the next legendary hero dropped must be the limited hero. The change of limited hero doesn't reset the counter.
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