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    The lab escape exits have been overrun by zombies, and we're trapped here. This passage ends at the exterior of the lab building, so as long as we can get out, we'll be safe. Let's stay vigilant, there will be zombies around here at any moment. Let's go! Troops will automatically fight when they encounter an enemy. Please select the position to recruit cadet guard. There are too many zombies around. Let's retreat to the exit. The zombie horde sweeps the whole continent. People who can escape from zombie invasions join hands to find a way to survive. Survivors rebuild a living space in ruins and figure on the revival of human civilization.

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    Buildings: greenhouse - this structure provides food for the base. Trade center - a marketplace selling all kinds of items. Lumberyard - this structure provides wood for the base. Workshop - provides metal for the base. The wall is your first line of defense against invading enemies, and 2 heroes can be dispatched in it. 1K hero EXP - grants 1k hero EXP after use. While facing dangerous enemies, it is recommended to launch/join a rally. In order to improve your game experience, we prepare a questionnaire to collect your suggestions and feedback. You will get 200 serum after completing the questionnaire. Refuges accommodate soldiers with low morale due to a lack of timely treatment.

    Build intel center: as the base progresses into a new phase, it's time to venture out into the world from here. But you should be cautions, since curiosity can lead to new discoveries, it can also lead to unknown dangers. Production, gathering, and collection are major ways to gain resources. You can also plunder resources from other survivors.

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