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    To lucky player: you are chosen to be the new candidate for God of the alchemy world by goddess Thea! Fight against the Evil God and save the world. Upon the admission letter burning in front of you, there's a moment of total silence. Then, in the blink of an eye, you find yourself in front of a mysterious ruin. As you can see, our world is at stake. A deceased deity's legacy is hidden here. If you can find it, you can trek on the path to God and save the world. You will face difficult quests. but the Goddess will guide you. We will also serve as your mentors and assist you along the way. Watch out! The monsters in the ruins found us. Heroes will be automatically deployed in the recommended positions. Aggy is an archer. Put her in the back row. Tap to check the attack/defense target line. This is the key to the hero positioning.

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    As the campaign progresses, Falnir's ability and the chance of picking up rare treasures will increase dramatically. Hero EXP - used to upgrade heroes. Magical potion made by the alchemists, tastes strange. Auto - try this to get the heroes to fight automatically.

    After so many years, someone has finally opened the door to the truth. Khade city is the most prosperous city in Agrippa land. You and two mentors decided to follow the anomaly of the Ley line, only to catch a series of explosions in Khade city. Your team discovered that the anomaly was originated from the Khade city Sheriff.

    Each hero has a unique element, which can be Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Light, or Dark, and the six elements restrain each other. Build your lineup wisely to cast real-time ultimate skills, enjoy the stunning battle effects, and be unstoppable!

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