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    We are charging into the enemy positions. Time is tight. Gotta complete the quest within the 99 secs. The battle will be failed when time runs out. Meet all conditions to get the 3 star. Get all 3 stars for the most rewards. Please pay attention to the conditions. Energy increases over time, and you can deploy units to fight after your get enough energy. The top numbers is the amount of energy required to summon the hero. Tap Lancelot. Heroes on the field will automatically attack nearby targets. If you want to attack a specific target first, please tap the unit on the screen. Now focus on attacking Bastion. Allies within the orange area will follow your order to attack the target. It will have the same effect by tapping enemies.

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    Lancelot is all charged now. Tap to use trump. Auto attacks will charge up golden energy, when it reaches maximum, your hero can cost trump. We breached the castle and occupied a new deploy point. There are so many enemies. Deploy Ganis, he is adept of AoE attacks. Deploy point that can directly reach the front line. Ganis's light chain can attack multiple enemies. Each hero has their unique trump, si=uch as Kurin can shape shift a monster into a chick.

    You can call the heroes from the time gate as many times as you want. Heroes, regardless of their rarity, can be upgraded later on, and each of them can be developed to it's top potential. Think twice before you choose your initial heroes. You need to team the heroes and unit you just called into a legion. You can form a team of 2 heroes and 1 unit, and you will get more heroes and unit as you progress in story.

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    You can tap the avatar in the middle of the screen to view monster info. Normal damage is shown in white. Red means counter, with a double damage. On the right side of the deploy interface, you can see cycles of counter. Red means melee type, blue means ranged type, purple - magic type. There 3 types deal double damage to each other: melee counters ranged, ranged counters magic, and magic counters melee.

    Auto team will automatically create a suitable team for you, and you can also adjust it manually. The green arrow means you're in advantage while the red arrow means you're in disadvantage in this battle. You are going to attack melee wild walves, so the system will automatically deploy magic units.
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