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    Look! There's a shelter. Perhaps we can salvage some supplies. We need firewood. We haven't eaten properly in days. We can't go on like this. Make some soup. A hot meal is what we need. Cookhouse - provides fine food to satisfy survivors' appetite. The wind's picking up like crazy! A blizzard's coming!

    Hu,an civilization was destroyed by a raging blizzard. You and your people's life are at stake. Fortunately, an abandoned settlement gives you temporary shelter, but the bigger challenge is yet to come. Time to build your own city and rise to the unknown challenges. To help you survive in this icy world, we hereby present you the following supplies, cheat codes.

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    It's abominably cold! We need to check the city temperature. Survivors can get sick when the city temperature drops too low. The external conditions are a significant influence on the city temperature, which drops sharply at night and during blizzards. The temperature is too low. We have to operate the furnace at full capacity to keep everyone warm.

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    Wilderness exploration:
    Plunder: Grand conquest - attack other chiefs to plunder resources. Scout ahead of attacks and call your allies for a rally if your combat power is insufficient. Battle: the Ascension - conquer the sunfire castle, a key symbol of dominance, and be crowned as supreme chief. Hunting - defeat beats and enemies to obtain resources and items. Gather resources - dispatch troops to capture resource nodes and to extract resources. THe higher the level of nodes, the more resources you can get. Intel - complete various types of intel missions to receive handsome rewards.

    when a snowstorm arrives, not having enough supplies in stock leads to damage of production buildings and casualties. Finish stocking up on supplies to safely survive the storm. After successfully surviving the storm, collect your rewards. Any unclaimed rewards will be sent by mail.
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