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    We have been expecting you. Here, you can experience an interesting manor life collecting acorns, growing fruits and vegetables, raising animals, building park, decorating tree houses and beautifying the ocean. Pick up acorns to build your orchard. See the menu button in the bottom left corner? Tap it > plants > land, and plant them. Now we have our first piece pf land! Collect from the land to get more acorns.

    Gophers will appear in the orchard from time to time. Hit them to get acorns. Unattacked gophers will appear elsewhere in the orchard. Keep an eye out.
    Wooden house: choose furniture to decorate the wooden house and make it warm.
    Cooking pot - automatically collects fruite every 60 seconds. You can also store fruits and brew potions with the pot or use cheat codes.
    Underwater world: there are beautiful corals, various fish and ancient ruins. Land animals feed the fish on submarines.

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    Challenge: tap the screen rapidly to attack the shadow beast.
    Grey wolves: will appear from time to time to chase after other animals in the orchard. Hit the grey wolves to drive them away and get acorns. Plant flowers to make your orchard more beautiful. Tap the elf button below to send units to explore more places. Elves will keep exploring even after you close the screen.
    EXP ball - friendly animals have a chance to leave behind EXP balls when they visit the treehouse. EXP ball: increases a random elf's EXP by 2%.
    Manor: run a farm, collect acorns, plant fruits and vegetables.
    Amusement park: create a happy amusement park. Peacocks show their tails, sheep enjoy the scenery on the ferris wheel, chickens exercise on the treadmill, and cows make cattle calls.

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