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    In chaos, there was an explosion of light. A haven was formed. Humans thrived within it. Yet the peace that seemed to last forever in Haven was destroyed by the preaching of the fanatics, stained with blood. They committed terrible atrocities, filling the realm with screams and despair of its people.
    At that moment, a light appeared. The Gods came, and they saved the persecuted. THe arrival of seven Gods brought new hope to the Haven. Humans would worship them and continue their way of life.
    Your Holiness, the darkness is no more and bright light is blessing us. Become the lord of the Sacred land and lead everyone to a righteous path. Build an orchard in the sacred land to produce food.

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    It's an emergency! A group of Fanatics has appeared in front of the gate. They are preying upon our sacred land. We must protect it. Train fighter - they mainly wield a sword and bravely rush into the enemy lines without any special armor. Reinforce the castle wall and prepare for the invasion of fanatics. We require a powerful entity capable of leading the demoralized soldiers. You must seek help from the God who watches over us in the summoning altar.
    Our God has listened to the people's prayers and granted us their avatar. The soldiers have regained their courage. Our God shall lead the battle and defeat our enemies.Now that we have an army, we need not endure the Fanatics' hostility any longer. Let us strike them preemptively. You can earn lots of rewards by defeating fanatics.
    Improving the temple is essential for the sacred land to prosper. Let us upgrade the temple. You can build an observatory to observe your surroundings. Scouts are special units that explore the fog and investigate an unknown area. They can observe sacred lands and troops of other prophets to gain some information. You can discover resource points that can help the sacred land grow and fanatic troops that pose a threat to the sacred land.

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    Following the missions and managing the Sacred land by their directions will help it flourish with ease. The future of the sacred land depends on your wise decisions, your holiness.
    Archers - they can attack the enemy at a distance with their bows and arrows. Enemies will have to defend themselves from their arrows as they try to close in.
    Inventory - here, you can store the items you have obtained. Various items such as resources and speed boosts can be found here.
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