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    You can unlock or improve your talents. Any talent permanently increases your performance in combat. Completing side missions will grant you various rewards need for improving your defenses. Here is a short and easy side missions. If you feel like you are ready for a challenge choose side mission of hard difficulty for even greater rewards. Don't forget to visit mine regularly. We will keep gathering gold and other valuables - even if you are not around - but you still need to collect them.
    Upgrading the cards makes them better. But you need so-called shards for upgrade. Gather 5 cards shards to add the card to your collection. Shards can be received as battle rewards or bought in the shop. If you have no shards, you can fuse magic dust. Each fused dust adds one shard to a card.

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    Upgrading tower cards frequently is the key to a successful defense. Everything looks good. Let's head back to Bastion. Choose notifications on game events you want to receive. You can change preferences anytime - just tap the bell button in the settings menu. COmplete text and gather points to unlock more rewards.

    Gems could be inserted in the tower's sockets to increase the tower's parameters. For example, this gem will increase the damage dealt by the tower. Make sure to regularly check gems on your towers. Quickly build a full scale defense and stand against an enemy blitz.

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