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    Are you a summoner? We are under attack by monsters. The town is on fire, and the villagers are fleeing. We will repay you if you can help us defeat those monsters. Enemies took many villagers and entered the Ville forest. Please save whoever you can when you run into them. Drag the virtual stick to move. Tap to attack or use skills. Hit the orb to blow up the enemies. Tap on the hero portraits during battle to switch the controlling hero. Add the new hero to our lineup and destroy the enemies. Easy enough but i think the second wave of monsters is coming. This time we need to be prepared and stop those monsters outside of the town. Equip runes to improve hero stats. Complete the full set to advance rune rank.

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    Complete daily quests will help you level up fast.
    The effect of month card and royal monthly card can stack.
    The first few alchemy attempts of the day have the best value.
    Add more friends and send hearts to get friend summon coupons.
    Some gears can only be equipped to certain hero classes.
    Level up clans to unlock more clan tech for research.

    In Monster Knights, every hero is controllable, tap hero portrait to quickly switch the controlling hero during battle. You can summon heroes from four races: Human, Elf, Orc, and Demon, and three classes: Warrior, Archer, and Mage. Each hero has different handle feelings and unique powerful skills waiting for you to unleash! If you just like sitting back and watching your heroes rumble rather than control them yourself, Auto Battle can be switched on and off.

    Well done, you have completed quite a few quests, now claim the rewards.

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