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    Welcome, adventurer. I'll be your guide through this journey. I've already put you in a team with other players. Make sure to get along with them. Fight against creatures to get experience and gold coins. Time to deal with this stage's boss. Press the boss button. Defeating bosses allow us to move to the next stage. Look, i just made a map for you. Tap it to see your progression. Look how many places there are to discover. You can also check your productivity here. Don't forget to challenge the boss to reach the next stage. I think the next boss will give us something important, let's try again. Defeating enemies also rewards us with gear. Let's equip it. Inventory - here, you will be able to equip gear. let me show you. Tap on the gear slot.

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    Regularly check all new items you obtain. Equip gear to improve your stats. Continue challenging new bosses and i will show you something new very soon. I have prepared several challenges for your adventure. Collect your prizes! Quests are refreshed every 24 hours. I've unlocked an inventory for your items. Check it out. Here you can manage your gear. The limit is 200 items, so check it often. You can equip or smelt gear to obtain dust. Smelting will reward you with dust, which will be useful very soon. Your gear will grow even stronger when you enhance it. You can level up any gear slot now. Always keep in mind how many resources you have.

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