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    When the crystal Volcano erupted its magical crystals rained across the realm. Some crystals had the power to create monsters while others held the power of good. And in the hands of the righteous, some crystals had the power to rid the world of evil. The beasts have gone berserk. Grab the crystal book and generate some water. Unleash the waves. Perfect, let's send them back to ice age. Merge two similar items for an upgraded item. I also do smaller attacks whenever you merge anything.
    Heroes: warrior - slams the ground, dealing damage and inflicting freeze to nearby enemies. Frozen enemies take extra damage. Mage - orders a swarm of meteors to strike nearby enemies, dealing damage and inflicting brun. Burning enemies take extra damage. Archers - shoots arrows that deal damage and inflict poison to nearby enemies. Poisoned enemies take extra damage.

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    An endless supply of water, sweet. With its help, we can now focus on upgrading ourselves further. When your item spawners are on cooldown double tap the hourglass item to instantly replenish your spawners. Every time you create an item from a spawner, one energy is consumed, which replenishes over time. Let's use the energy item to instantly get 100 energy.
    We can store excess items in chest. Simply drag any item to the box to store it for later usage. You can also expand the storage space of the box via gold. Unwanted items can also be trashed or sold for gold at any time.

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