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    Welcome back to San Brave, Boss! I've recruited a couple of fighters to take care of this job us. Organization Zero thinks they can push on our turf. I say "adios" to their little Shiva delivery. Your fighters attack automatically. Tap avatars to use this fighter's active ability. Organization zero ain't messing around. Toss a grenade to take them out now. Your squad's power is too low for this battle. Let's level up one of your fighters. Tap and hold level up to level up Federico 5 times. Continue the story to reclaim San Bravo.
    Combat info: fighters can deal or receive 20% more damage against certain specialties. Tap a fighter's icon to open their profile and level up.

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    Common effects: Bleed - deals piercing damage at 60% of the attacker's attack stat each second for 6 seconds. Cleanse - removes all debuffs and negative effects. Dispel - removes all buffs and positive effects. Execute - instantly downs the target. Guard - the guarded target passes all incoming damage to the guarder.
    Haste - doubles active ability charge speed. Mark - prioritizes this target for your squad. Pierce - damages the target while ignoring their defense stat. Recovery - heals for 4% of the caster's max health each second for 5 seconds. Resistance: blocks bleed, slow, stun, and suppression for 5 seconds. Slow - halves active ability charge speed. Stun - prevents basic attacks, active abilities and charge for 3 seconds. Suppress - prevents basic attacks for 5 seconds. Taunt - prioritizes this target for your enemies.

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