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    A match has just begin! Let's summon ghosts to attack enemy towers. You can summon ghost on your tower, too. Summoning ghost on a tower will make easier to defend incoming attacks. Now, summon the powerful ghosts with the extra deck. 3 extra energy recharges every minute, the energy cannot be stored over 5. Extra ghosts are powerful, but you need much more time to recharge the energy! Be cautious and tactical when you handle the extra deck. You made that look easy! In the ghost war match, like you just did, summoning ghosts with Ghost energy is the essential part. You can summon the ghost by touching the map after you select one of your cards. Now, let's keep summoning ghosts. Here comes a big one. Time to use a skill

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    Our friendly ghosts are in danger. Use skills to protect them. You can change your skills and ghost after a match. Keep going and break one of enemy towers. You're smashing it! Now, how about picking some ghosts to make a whole team? You can obtain unselected the ghost via trophy. Creepy claws - a melee unit that deals critical damage with rapid attack speed. Phantom torso - defensive ghost with high HP and good mobility. Darksiny - attack will knock back the enemy. Mimic tiger - a defensive hero that can be summoned everywhere within my half lane, deals damage to nearby enemies on summon. Spider ghost - a ranged ghost that slows down the victim's attack & move speed. Deals area damage. Death diva - ranged ghost with extra long range. Iron beast - high melee damaging soldier, enrage when low health. Gumiho - melee ghost deals critical damage within rapid attack speed.
    I guess you can beat all the opponents, keep up the good work! Profile - browse your account info. Star trophy - check your star trophy milestone. Receive the rewards by the progression.

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    Ghost war hack menu & cheat code tips

    Expanded menu button - in here you can access to various features - ranking emotes, settings and so on. Shop - check out the special deals at the shop. Don't miss the exclusive offers. Cards - you can set your deck for the match at here. Soul pass - claim escalating rewards. Summon - open the capsules to meet the nes ghosts and gears.

    You can upgrade your tower & get opportunities to get new ghost cards via capsules or use Ghost war cheat codes. Required EXP for account level promotion can be obtained by upgrading ghost cards. Aim for the higher level, get the advantage with increased tower HP and new ghosts.

    Coins is one of two currencies in the game, it can be used to buy capsules and GPs, or various items from the shop, upgrade them. Coins can be obtained in various ways - playing match, single league, opening capsules, winning star trophy rewards. You can also buy in the shop.

    Units in the match are such troublemakers, so they barely listen! Once they're summoned in the battlefield, the ghosts will start to move to enemy tower and attack incoming enemies automatically. This is why perfectly timed summoning is that important. Each ghosts has its own attack type, special ability and target priority. Check their information in cards menu, learn their place, use Ghost war cheat codes, organize them into a deck that fits you.

    The amount of star trophies won or lost is based on the difference between you can your enemy's star trophies. Generally, if you win against a player who has more star trophies than you, you will be rewarded with more star trophies. But also losing against an enemy with fewer star trophies makes you lose more.
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