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    I was waiting for you human! As for me, i am the one born from the energy of this ancient house...The great Shinbi, the most handsome goblin of all time. You will have to sign a contract with me to become a ghost hunter and capture those ghosts. I presume you've already captured a few ghosts, right? Now, i shall teach you how to capture those ghosts. So, trust me! Ghosts appear through the camera. Camera access permission required for AR mode. No matter what kind of ghosts they are, people who eat the taffy can see them clearly. Those who eat the legendary taffy can see ghosts of all ranks. And the ones who eat the legendary giant taffy can see the higher rank ghosts only.
    You have to capture the ghost within the given tries. When several blocks of the same color are gathered, different items are created depending on the number of blocks. Using these items will allow you to deal powerful damage. Using ghost energy calls me up to deal enormous damage, remember that. Also, don't forget that using cheat codes and connected items will allow you to deal tons of damage.

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    Clearing blocks that are the same color as the character will fill up their skill gauge. When the skill gauge is full, tap on the character to use their skill. Gold- use to buy or upgrade items. Heart - use to enjoy puzzle games in battles. Demons may cause some trouble and erase your precious records. So, don't forget to save your data. If you delete your game, all the ghosts and items you earned could disappear. I'll introduce you to a friend. Kangrim, Lion, Hari, Ian, And Jihoon. They're gonna help you. With gold, you cna help your friends to grow, and with jewels, you can gift them nice and pretty clothes. All the ghosts you're captured are gathered here. Befriending powerful ghosts will help you to become the strongest ghost hunter.

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