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    It is known that the world fell, and that most people in it died. The dead will not suffer the hardships of the terrible world which remains. Those born into this hell have no remembrance of anything else. Wait... look at that camp over there. Let's go inside and see if we can find anything useful. Hopefully, we can fix our desert raptor in that camp. Otherwise, we got nowhere to go.
    Well, this building is basically a piece of crap. The priority is to repair it first, or the hacksaw could take it back anytime soon. Go look around, i think you can find the materials you need after clearing these scraps around us. There is a crappy garage down there. It must be where those Hacksaw pricks build their war vehicles. The garage looks fine, through, bu needs a little repair work. We can fix our car here after that.

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    The workers said there are some car parts beyond that checkpoint. THe Hacksaw boys used to control that checkpoint in the Fort. No wonder everything is all locked up here. Let's go upgrade the fort first. You can get resources by instructing workers to clear the ruins. Assign workers to clear Barriers in your Base. In those scraps, they may find various resources that are essential for you to start building a home. Turning waste into wealth is a practical trick in the wasteland.

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