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    Years ago, the kings Kheparus the great, after wars with lands far and near, suddenly abandoned his land, and thus all the strange creatures invaded this land from other lands. After your father's death, war and bloodshed took over this whole land and foreign tribes took over your kingdom... Your fellow tribesmen are waiting for you. The promised day has arrived.
    This evil city we just took reveres the Overlord. We can liberalize other nearby areas based on it and meanwhile, find the real resurrection place of the Overlord. THe overlord is such an abomination. A strong defense was built way before its resurrection with the power of those revering the Overlord. It also hid the real resurrection place, making it only detectable through sweeping searches.
    Let's start from the areas close to the city, then. We have to stop the resurrection of the overlord to save the world even if we have to sweep the entire continent.

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    To avert enemies' siege, we'd better explore the neighboring areas from the territory we have already occupied. We are not strong enough to explore the advanced areas, so don't hurry and start from level 1 areas first.
    Drag the hero to our battlefield so it is assigned to the battle. Tap the hero if you want to cancel this. Up to 5 heroes can be sent into battle in one round. Defeat enemies of the area so we can take it. There is also a good set of equipment from the loots collected.
    The King seems to have noticed something unusual about this area too, and thus places some tasks in an attempt to find out what's wrong with it. We can get rich rewards if we complete them! We have to pay more attention to the tasks and complete them first so we can safely obtain a great many resources.

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    Go Heroes hack menu & cheat code tips

    You can upgrade heroes by consuming EXP stones at the hero details page. Upgraded heroes can have various lifted attributes to gain stronger power. EXP stones can be obtained from auto grinding gains.
    Recruiting heroes requires tickets. One at a time, of course. It just so happens that there is a recruitment tickets from the loots of last battle. There are quite a few ways to get new heroes, but i dare say recruit it always the most efficient among them. Send your new heroes into battle.
    THe buildings and the occupied areas can continuously provide resources. THe more territories, the more resources. I suggest we occupy another area to claim more resources at one go.
    City hall is the primary building of the city and no other buildings can rank above it. So we need to level up the city hall to level 2 first before we can upgrade the alchemy house.

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