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    Hello, warrior! The stronghold of the demons is up ahead. Hurry, defeat the demons and rescue the heroes. You've gained a new hero. Have her fight by your side. The mage is a hero that deals ranged magic damage. Place her in the middle so that she attacks more enemies. The new companion, windwalker, is a powerful damage dealer. Upgrade this hero now to increase her power. Hero upgrades require energy essence! Equipment can increase the hero's battle power. Aaron, as the front row tank hero, takes on important role in the team. Go and upgrade him first. Deity heroes can increase the population of the clan with the most population by 1, and activate aura. Demons do not activate aura, however, depending on the number of demons in the team, they can give all allies the corresponding buff effect.

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    Awesome! You gained 1 magic summoning ticket. You can open a magic portal with it. Open the magic portal now to get a new battle companion. You have a new area to explore! Go check it out! The dungeon of dreams is an ancient fortress full of endless secrets to be uncovered. You have a dungeon key in your backpack. Use it to open the dungeon so you can get its treasures.
    The game features 24-hour Idling and adventure gameplay, providing players with consistent offline rewards and open-ended side stories. Rich random events make the adventure full of variables. You must be careful! Luna Fighting, the cuties and greatest idling RPG in 2022, invites you to embark on a fantastic journey of the World Tree and underground Dungeon.

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