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    It's Una here! Enemies are invading the town we live in. How nice would it be if you helped me defeat the enemies. Let's summon a character and defeat the enemies. You need SP to summon a character. Use all the SP and summon a character. You can merge identical characters of the same grade to get a higher grade. There is a lot of enemies surgign. Try using a magic card to deal with the crisis. You need MP to use magic card. MP is recharged automatically after certain period. But it will not exceed charge limit, so be sure to use it when it's full. Killed monsters appear at opponent's camp, so keep the timing wisely. You can now keep dealing with the enemies and hope you can lost longer than your opponent. I forgot to tell you the most important thing! It's the rules of victory and defeat.

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    Each camp is given 3 battle points to secure. A battle points is lost once a monster reaches the red line, and it's a defeat once all points are lost. You should keep as many battle points as possible longer than your opponent to win. You're doing a really great job. Now try a real face off with player from all over the world. HQ has several of special tasks for you. Let's move to this missions section. You'll get a prize of 100 INFI stones upon completing all missions. You can check details on your ongoing missions. You will get a special prize once all tasks are complete. Even after running out of all INFI stones attempts you can still earn gold. INFI stones can only be earned in quick match. You can check the details of battle pass rewards. In order to collect reward for the next step, you need battle points. Battle points are given for victories in battle made. Tyr getting battle pass rewards by collecting battle points.

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