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    Did you read me? I'm sergeant Rick! I'm in the military bunker. I have three corpses! We have losses! Three are corpses here. I need to find medicines to treat the wounds. Fire trap, you need to wait until the flame goes out. A fire trap, a metal detector frame, which means there is an exit nearby.
    Hm, a house. If i clear it, then i can probably live in it. I need a tool cause i can't do anything with my bare hands. I have to make axe. I gather bamboo and stones and tie them with rope. Rope can be woven from sweet potato fibers. At the same time, i can test the water.
    Building menu - in this tab, you can find all the furniture from your backpack. Learn a design, make something useful and that item will be available here. Look around iside the house at the home location. maybe you'll find something useful.

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    At the beginning things went according to plan. Briefing, preparation and landing on the island. We entered the old bunker. Then this strange man appeared. He stank and staggered. Shane and Ray blocked him from both sides, and Jason stood in the center. And suddenly there was an explosion! After a while, i woke up. The guys were dead. As if in a fog, i got out of the bunker. Cap's plans were also disrupted. I will find the one who is behind this. I will find them and take a revenge on them. In the meantime, our immediate goal is to settle down on the island. And then we'll decide what to do next. You're on the H1 square, and there must be the Karst cave. A cache is hidden in the depths of the cave, it may contain supplies for a rainy day.

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    Smugglers transport scarce, valuable goods on their boat. At the same time, their pilot is completely useless. The boat often runs aground. Don't lose the opportunity to profit well.

    When the armor wears out, what will protect you from bullets? Freaking optimism? Build an armorer bench as soon as possible.

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