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    House is in housing type buildings. Citizens with house can rest to recover their stamina quickly. Tap at the rotate button to rotate the building. House - an ordinary house for a 4 person family. Citizens can rest, eat, drink and warm themselves using fuel here. Slightly relieve stress. Interim Housing - can accommodate up to 24 people. However, overcrowded interim housings will cause the loss of desire to procreate suitable for accommodating. Built near the marketplace. Press F during placement to change its style.
    You need food. Farmers only start to sow after choosing seeds. Only in suitable season and temperature can a field be sowed and harvested. CLick on the building to open building menu. You can disable the building by toggling the green button near the building's name - 'standard field'.

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    Production type buildings will only begin production after choosing a recipe. You can use command to collect materials on the map. Big well - can produce water. Can put out fires using the water here.
    Remodel the field, farm, orchard or forest farm with scarecrow to drive away seed eating birds thus increase output. Gatherers hut - will gather wild vegetables, agave and herb within the structure range. Wild vegetables generally grow near mature trees. Foresters hut - will plant saplings and periodically chop down mature trees within structure range. Hunters will hunt animals on the map and have chances to get cubs. Hunting scope of hunter is everywhere he can reach.

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