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    A magical tree thrives in the center of the ants world producing fruit of wisdom, giving ants intelligence. To occupy the tree a war is waged among all tribes. Gradually, the tree is dying out under their greediness. And a new chapter begins with a worker ant underground.
    THe newborn Queen Ant have found a suitable settlement, however, the lack of resources makes her so weak. You should dispatch worker ants to search for resources, otherwise Queen Ant and even the whole population will perish soon. You can hatch the spawns of Queen ant in the hatchery. Aphids can excrete the Honeydew, which is needed by queen. Collect the honeydew excreted by Aphids. Queen ant will spawn after taking food, and the worker ants will carry the spawns to the hatchery. You can search for resources during the hatching process.

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    A group of red fire ants have sneaked into out nest, whose aim is our queen ant. Assign soldier ants to prevent them. Timely formic acid attack can greatly increase the success rate in battles. The red fire ants lots of food behind in escaping! The worker ants will collect the spoils to offer Queen. You can collect food in the food collection point. The mighty red fire ant leader is ahead. THe previous spoils are carried to our nest. Come back to challenge the foe after queen ant hatches more soldier ants. Queen will make a rapid reproduction after her stamina is recovered. A glimmer of light shines in the chasm ahead. There is the way to the surface. A soldier ant decides to go to the surface and look for more resources.
    After coming to the ground, the little ant saw a withered giant tree in front of it, under which lay a shining red fruit. it is hard to resist the temptation of a fruit. The hungry ant decided to eat it. A great power was surviving in its body! The ant found its body was completely changed.

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    Upgrade the level of league fortress to boost the population limit of the league army. We should order our workers to rebuild the food mill to offer food for our nest. Food mill is able to offer abundant food resources for our soldier ants. The higher the military position, the more the rewards will be granted after a PVP victory.

    As the symbol and garrison of heroes, hero garrison determines the amount of deployed heroes and the range of activity of heroes. The juice of wisdom obtained in battles will enhance you greatly. You can increase the stats of our heroes by consuming resources and fodder heroes. The juice of wisdom extracted from the divine tree can help upgrade heroes, which will increase our CP.
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