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    Welcome to flying island! A paradise where only the finest golfers gather. Come on, let's see which of us has what it takes to become the world's greatest golfer. I've got all the how know to make anyone a gold pro! Let's start with the most basic of basics: how to take a shoot. Pull back the blue circle, aim for the target, then flick to take your shot. THe more you pull back the blue circle, the more power or 'carry' your shot has. Pink part is the target. Hit the target with the blue circle to take a shot. If you release your finger before hitting the target, you can readjust your shot. Try aiming for the white part at the very center of the target. THe closer you are to the center, the straighter your shot goes in the intended direction.

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    Now then, let's head to a course and play a hole together. Iron - an allrounder club that can be used on the round, in bunkers, and more. Switch between sizes as you get closer to the hole. Driver - is only used to make tee shots, as it produces the most carry and roll distance upon landing out of any club. You can earn tour points based on your round results. Accrue enough to rank up. Chest - you can get them by playing golf. Chests mostly contain level up items for your clubs. Pass XP - is needed to raise the pass level of regular passes and gold passes. There are all sorts of clubs put there. Get as many as you can, and find the best clubs for you. Obtain a certain amount of the same club to raise its gold spirit rank. Unlock skills and collar skins by reaching certain golf spirit ranks for each club.

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    Pitch & run shots - is a type of approach shot. It is easier to control compared to a lob shot and gives the ball a long roll after landing. To upgrade your club, you need to use the club rune you just got from club chest and coins. Upgraded clubs are much easier to use, as they increase distance and control. The club rune you just got is called driver rune and you can use them to upgrade your driver. You can get a golf wear from gacha.
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