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    Mistia finds you unconscious in the wilderness and discovers that you are the chosen one, but you cannot remember what happened before you passed out. The monsters are coming! Get ready, knights! Protect yourself! Now tap the button to put us on the battlefield. Tap to deploy knight. Knight takes care of the top lane and defeats all the monsters. We have to deploy someone to defend monsters on the bottom lane as well. Tap Clem to deploy him there. Lux is an Acolyte priestess of the papacy. Tap to deploy her, so she will support us in battle. Energy accumulates in battle. When energy is full, tap a hero to cast skills. We have to beat the monsters back before they surround us. I can help, My lightning magic can deal damage to a large area and provide you with powerful support.

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    Deploy 3 heroes of the same faction to provide all allies with powerful attributes bonus. Temple heroes can be used as heroes of any faction except abyss heroes in a battle formation. Abyss heroes won't activate a formation. But based on the number of abyss heroes on team, all allies will gain corresponding bonus buff effects. Upgrade hero, tap level up to use coins and EXP to increase level and quality. Tap quick gear up to equip with gear for better power.
    The artifacts contain elemental spirits. They are the embodiments of the elemental powers and can unleash powerful artifact skills in battle. Besides, the artifacts can enhance your attributes. By increasing the artifact level, you'll become more and more powerful. Each artifact has a corresponding elemental power. When multiple artifacts are owned, which is wielded in battle can be switched in the line up interface.

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