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    Admiral, the emergency is over. However, 70% of base buildings were damaged, and the threat of enemy attacks is still imminent. Remove the debris quickly and restore the assault ship factory. You must enter the assault ship factory to build an assault ship. Tap the button to participate the produced warship in a battle. Move to the sector to defeat pirates. Use the search button to find your target easily. Slide to set the level you wish to search for. Finding the target closest to your base. You can view the result report of each category. You can claim the rewards from mails that contain rewards. You can get warship items when defeating pirate of each level for the first time. Check obtained items in your inventory.
    The area around here has been stabilized due to captain Mayone's efforts. However, our resource supplies ae running low. Tap an empty site to build a resource site. You can only build resource sites in empty sites. You need to build a site for minerals which is a basic resource.

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    We need to level up the commander center to build more buildings. If the conditions and resources are met, you can upgrade the buildings. If the remaining construction time is less than 5 minutes, it can be instantly completed.
    We have a weak signal. It seems like a captain from the other base has survived the attack. Since we lost a lot of captains during the battles, it would be wise to recruit that captain. Restore the captain transmission room immediately. Please remove the debris in the captain transmission room. Here you can obtain captain pieces and battle data for a skill level up. You can transmit up to 5 times per day for free. You can obtain and manage captains at the captain menu.

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    Use missions to play the game easily. Damaged warships can be fixed at the workshop. You can obtain rewards for completed missions. You can repair ships that have been damaged in battle and redeploy them to the frontline. Obtain rewards for completed missions and progress with the next mission. You can play chapter missions.

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