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    When the Dehammer academy received news of the Void demons' reappearance, the Sage's stone was suddenly activated. As the only member of the academy with the light element power took the stone and purified areas that were corrupted by the demons. You don't have the time to dawdle, you need to participate in the battle against the void demon and become stronger as soon as possible. It is found recently that Void demon can corrupt people's minds and elemental power somehow, which reduces them to a kind of cruel creatures just like the void demons.
    Use joystick to move the character forward to the boss room. Tap challenge and show Eidolons what we've got.

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    Formations are key. Make sure that every member is placed in the best position. For example, you can place me in the front row as i can protect the team. In fact, a proper formation increases the odds of victory for our team. We should keep cautious at the moment of war.
    Complete the alchemy path and active the variant void beast. Choose any artifact to engage the main pathfinder breakthrough: Eternal spear - a powerful artifact forged by the first creator in the first rip war. It has magical engravings on the suspended golden ring, dealing great damage and adding a damage increase buff. You may consume boundary stone to break through to alchemist apprentice and unlock artifact skill.

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