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    Hey, young man, just leave your outdated weapons aside. I will show you the power of magic. I've got an important task for you! Only you can do it. A dragon captured some of my people. Only you can rescue them. You are fully enraged, cast your ultimate skill now. You rescued him from the dragon. He is at your service now. Deploy your ranged heroes at the back to secure their safety. This is a special mission of the highest confidentially. That's all i can share at the moment. If you wanna know more about it, keep honing your skills. See this chest? It's yours, open it. Loots will be reserved for 8 hours at most. Don't forget to claim them. Use cheat codes and unlock permanent card to increase to 12 hours.

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    An experienced hero wants to fight for you. Invite him to join your team now. What's the special mission about? It has something to do with an ancient prophecy. REmember, only the capable ones can find the truth. Tap and hold level up to upgrade your hero quickly. Your hero is greatly enhanced after levelling up. And you've got new gears, equip him! Be patient, my friend, knowing things you shouldn't know will hurt you. As i have mentioned before, the special mission concerns to an ancient prophecy. I found some clues that may help prove the prophecy, and i want you to look into it. But that's not easy. you may need some hands. Use summon pass.

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